Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NY Times, and now, Sports Illustrated (again)

I'm not a reader of Sports Illustrated, in print or on-line, but a colleague pointed me to this article. Titled "Chief Concern: After resurfacing, Chief Illiniwek should stay retired," the article was posted Tuesday, October 30th.

It includes a link to an interview Sports Illustrated did with the last student (Dan Maloney) who dressed up as "chief illiniwek." Poor Dan. Sniff, sniff. (I say with sarcasm.) He can't play Indian at halftime anymore.

I wonder if he knows that Native people across the country were persecuted for doing our dances?

I wonder just how much he knows about the peoples he says he honors?!

I wonder if he knows that Native people wear shoes (moccasins)??!!

Do read the article. Last year when the mascot was retired, I felt quite optimistic about UIUC's growth, but I am now fearful that the 'free speech' argument means we'll see the mascot back at UIUC---not on the field---but in other non-sport spaces.

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