Monday, December 18, 2006

Comments to Congressional Hearing

I am collaborating with I-Resist as follows.

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I said...

The irony of this hearing is that Tim Johnson and his honorless "chief" supporters probably orchestrated this with the idea of galvanizing his storm troopers.  Instead, the turnout was overwhelmingly anti-chief with lots of community members, students and faculty there to clearly witness the insults and blatant display of disrespect.

This is probably the last "hearing" under a Republican House for some time.  We should learn from their tactics and use this process as a way to further reveal the malicious means by which they support their fake "chief".  How about another hearing in the Spring where the "witnesses" are mostly American Indian and other people of color?  How about the police stop anyone from entering the room who wears racist attire such as the UIUC mascot image?  

Other telling moments... at various times - both Tim Johnson and Vernon Ehlers refer to the NCAA as the "NAACP".  This apparent slip exposes their deepest fears about people of color in general, and organized resistance to institutional racism in particular.